Which Type of Breast Implant Is Best for Me?


Since each woman chooses to undergo breast augmentation for different reasons, Dr. Neil Zemmel does not believe there is one type of breast implant that is best for everyone. During the consultation process, he will perform a physical examination, review your medical history, discuss your cosmetic goals, and recommend a size and type of breast implant that can best fulfill your expectations.

Many of our patients choose silicone implants due to their natural look and feel. Made of a cohesive silicone gel, implants such as the NATRELLE INSPIRA are statistically less prone to rupture and can increase the lifespan of your results. Conversely, saline implants are typically a more economic choice, and when placed beneath the muscle, they can also offer a very natural look and feel. As an added advantage, saline implant ruptures can be immediately detected while silicone ruptures may not be as apparent.

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