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Choosing a Size

While 80% of women select a B, C, or full C cup as their final size, there is no one size that fits every woman’s goals. During the consultation process, Dr. Neil J. Zemmel will perform a physical examination that takes into account your unique body shape. Many factors affect the shape and size of your breasts. These include:

  1. The width and length of your chest and waist
  2. Your height and weight
  3. The thickness of your skin and breast tissue
  4. The shape of your rib cage and breast bone
  5. The quality and tone of your breast skin
  6. The firmness and distribution of breast tissue within the breast
  7. The position of the nipple and areola on the breast
  8. The size and shape of the areola
  9. The position of the crease (inframammary fold) of the breast

Our board-certified plastic surgeon at Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Neil J. Zemmel, will make recommendations based on your unique physique as well as your desired outcome. Some women seeking breast augmentation prefer a more conservative outcome, while others prefer a more dramatic transformation. Dr. Zemmel works with patients who want to achieve final results that range from a conservative B cup to a DD cup. Whether you prefer a B cup or a DD cup, he will guide you to choose an implant size that will give you a balanced, proportional look or a more augmented look, depending on your preferences.

It is important to note that breast implant sizes do not correlate to cup size, but are instead measured by their volume. Since cup sizes vary across bra manufacturers and there is no set industry standard, a cup size is not a standardized unit of measurement. As a result, implants are measured by milliliters (ccs). A rule of thumb is that an increase of 150 to 200 cc will translate into a one-cup size increase. However, this correlation can vary depending on the size of your unique build. To help ensure that your expectations are met, you will have an in-depth conversation with your surgeon regarding your concerns and cosmetic goals during your consultation.

There is no “right” or “wrong” choice for the size of your breast implants, which is why our surgeon will use a number of techniques that allow you to “try on” and “preview” a number of different implant sizes and shapes. A form-fitting bra with interchangeable demo implants can make you more comfortable with your decision when choosing an implant size and often leads to increased satisfaction after the procedure. Dr. Zemmel encourages each of his patients to try on a range of implant sizes and shapes so they can make a well-informed choice. You will have at least two opportunities to try on breast implants. One will take place during your initial consultation, and one will take place during your pre-op visit.

To learn more about how our surgeon can help you choose a breast implant size that best meets your individual goals, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.

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